Our 10 Year Warranty

All of our properties come complete with an Insurance Backed 10 year warranty (such as NHBC, CRL or LABC) giving you peace of mind when you purchase your new Aurora Living home.

National House Building Council (NHBC)

NHBC’s purpose is to raise house-building standards to protect homeowners.

The cover is split into two periods:

  • Damage or defects to your home which occur during the first two years from the date of legal completion.
  • Damage to specified parts of your home (essentially the structural elements), in years 3 to 10.

If you sell the home within the 10 year period, the balance of the cover can be transferred to the new owner.

Local Authority Building Control (LABC)

The LABC is a membership organisation representing all local authority building control departments in England and Wales; they are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting public sector expertise. The LABC members work together with building owners, homeowners, architects, plan drawers, building contractors, developers and other professionals to ensure buildings are safe and meet building regulations.


The CRL 10 year developer’s warranty is designed for house builders working on new residential developments and conversions. The CRL builder’s insurance provides homeowners with the peace of mind that their property has been built by a builder or developer that meets the high technical standards of construction and quality of workmanship expected by CRL.

Over 92% of major mortgage lenders recognise and approve of our property developer’s insurance, meaning that you can rest easy knowing your home is in safe hands.